8 Online Businesses Recommendations

8 Online Businesses Recommendations

Online Businesses Recommendations. Become a reseller or drop shipper
A reseller is someone who resells other people’s products. Meanwhile, a drop shipper is someone who sells other people’s things, but on behalf of himself or his personal account.

Online Businesses Recommendations. Both are types of business where we sell goods using our own names as if we own the goods, but in fact, the goods are owned and shipped by other parties. However, of course, the price we set is higher than the original price so that we can make a profit. One of the interesting things about the drop shipper business is that we don’t need to provide stock to be able to start our own business. So, we can save costs and do not need to provide capital to buy goods in advance.

Providing just services (entrusted services)

Apart from being a reseller or drop shipper, surely we have seen several social media accounts that offer just alias services.
Online Businesses Recommendations. Jastip is one of the breakthroughs in doing online business without capital by offering shopping. We will be paid more for buying other people’s items. From there, we will get a profit in the form of a profit margin or service fee. It’s easy, we just have to go to shopping centers, then take photos of the items we want to sell, then upload them to social media. That way, people will be able to see what items we sell.

Online business as an influencer

Nowadays, social media certainly has had a lot of influence on us as users. From here, the social media influencer profession has an important role.
In the beginning, social media influencers were celebrities who were popular through film, politics, or social activities. However, in its development, anyone can become a popular figure on social media as long as they can have a positive influence on other social media users through various useful trendy posts.


Anyone can now become a Youtubers, as long as they have a Youtube account and create interesting content in it. Being a Youtuber or also a video blogger (vlogger) is quite promising. The average vlogger can pocket double digits a month of video content. Especially now that there are many, really, vloggers who make videos using only a cellphone camera. The advantage is, we can get income from endorsed products in videos or Google Adsense ads that are displayed on our videos.

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Write reviews on blogs

You can get income only from your hobby of writing, by becoming a blogger
To create a blog for free, we can use WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and several other website builder services.
After having your own blog, we can include ads using Google Adsense. From there we will get income. Apart from that, we can also sell review or sponsored post services to generate additional income.

Translator or translator

At present, many companies or individuals need translation services both from Indonesian into foreign languages ​​and vice versa. Generally, the services required are in the form of translating documents and captions for films.

Design services

Online Businesses Recommendations. If earlier we could sell language translation skills, this time if we have a hobby of drawing or designing, we can also sell design services for online businesses without capital.

Online business becomes a photographer

Photography hobby? Just like design, photography is also one of the skills that can make you money. As we know, almost every moment and event can be immortalized with a photo. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying an online business without capital on this one.