Business Ethics: 10 Ethics in Business

Business Ethics: 10 Ethics in Business

Business Ethics- In carrying out every activity of life, we cannot be separated from the rules that must be obeyed.

If we violate it, usually we will get sanctions from the surrounding environment. Likewise in business, there are ethics in business that you must know.

Every businessman must have ethics in his attitude, without ethics business competition becomes unhealthy and there will be many parties who are harmed.

Therefore, so that you do not become a loser, as a businessman you must have ethics, and you need to learn.

Here we provide a brief summary of 10 business ethics and examples that you should know:

1. Honest

Honesty is one of the most basic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat must be owned in business, if you get caught running a dishonest business then your business reputation will be destroyed in no time.

And it is important to know that restoring trust in the business is very difficult and takes a long time.

Therefore, always behave honestly with everyone, because the benefits of honest behavior are very beneficial, including for business.

2. Be mature

You need to stay childish and don’t put your ego forward.

You have to think long because a good business is a business that can grow continuously.

3. Behave well

Behaving is one of the most noticed ethics because this is the most visible in interacting with your business partners.

Be nice to everyone you meet and maintain that kind attitude consistently.

4. Wear neat clothes

Clothing is one of the most visible ethics in business. Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes, t-shirts, or flashy colors.

If you can add perfume so that when you meet other people you can comfortably avoid the bad smell.

5. Saying the name

Saying names is one of the etiquettes when meeting new people, the goal is for them to remember what our names are.

If you have a business card it will be a plus point.

6. Use good language

In choosing the language, it is also necessary to pay attention to, avoiding using abusive language, containing elements of Sara, and private conversations.

For those of you who don’t know him too well, don’t immediately invite him to joke, because you don’t know what the character is like.

7. Be polite

In order to get a good impression on your business partners, try to be polite and courteous.

This first impression will always remember by your business partners, if the first is bad then the next one will not be good.

8. Stand up when getting acquainted

Well if this still has something to do with mentioning the name earlier.

Ethics in getting acquainted try to stand while shaking hands and look at the faces of your acquaintances.

9. Always say thank you

Don’t forget to always say thank you, this is an appreciation to others. In addition to the greeting if possible, you can give something to someone else.

10. The paying host

If you meet outside and as a host, you need to be aware that you are solely responsible for paying.

This includes examples of implementing business ethics in real companies, lest there be a violation of business ethics that causes your business partner to leave.