Housewife Side Business Without Capital

Housewife Side Business Without Capital

Housewife Side Business Without Capital

Housewife Side Business Without Capital

Housewife – There are many business ideas that can be done by housewife, both without capital and with capital but the costs are minimal. Some businesses can be run from hobbies, as basic capital to generate rupiah coffers.

With the expertise or interest, a hobby has the potential to become a business with considerable profit opportunities. Check out the following 10 housewife side business ideas.

Freelance Writer

In the book 80 Side Businesses with Capital < 5 Million by Astri Novia and Natar Adri suggest this profession to be the first side business idea. Being a writer is not an easy thing, but actually this profession is quite promising.

Because the world of writing is very interesting and timeless. Until then, people will need a writer to write books, articles, or fiction stories. The rewards for this writing work are very promising.

Content Creator

This profession is almost a dream of many people. You can work from home or a cafe, you can also adjust your work time according to your free time. The content you present can also customize what you like, such as cooking, interior, or dressing up. However, it is necessary to admit that this profession is not easy because it requires creativity and some video editing skills.

Illustration Making Services

This profession requires expertise in illustration design. Back again, professions based on hobbies are indeed tempting. If the longer the results of your hand polishing are getting better, then your order will be selling well.

Private Tutor

This business in addition to meritorious can also bring promising money. How not, tutoring services can help children with lessons in order to get good grades. If you master enough lessons in school, surely this business is not difficult and promising.

Take Paid Online Surveys

Currently, there are many online survey links that can make money. Usually the organizers of this survey are academics and government. But you have to be careful, because the link you visit is a scam link that is dangerous and can hack your personal data. You should make sure the link you get is proven and does not contain foreign code in the link.

Coffee Shop

In the book Guaranteed Rich with Street Business by John Afifi, opening a coffee shop is one of the recommended ideas. Opening a coffee shop is not too overwhelming for housewives. It only requires hot water, a glass, several coffee sachets, and opening it in front of the house, it will sell well.

Selling Fried Food

Selling fried foods doesn’t take much time, it’s easy, and it gives a lucrative profit. Moreover, who doesn’t like fried food? Surely some hot fries will be delicious served. Therefore, this street vendor business is very suitable for housewives. To know more about technology computers you can visit this site

Fruit Juice

This type of street business is very easy to run, because many people like fruit juice. The resulting profit is quite good. Therefore, selling fruit juice is suitable for housewives who have a lot of free time.

Credit Business

Everyone needs credit, of course. This business is quite run with small storefront equipment placed on the side of the road. You can also take advantage of all the people passing by on the highway. In addition, students, students, even teachers or lecturers can also be a potential target market.

Selling Parcels or Souvenirs

This street vendor business does not require a lot of energy and can be run in front of the house. Parcels or souvenirs can be sold with a pre-order system (by order) or ready stock. Parcels or souvenirs are usually sought after as gifts for certain celebrations, proposals, donating friends, and much more.

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