Marketing Manager: This is an important role!

Marketing Manager: This is an important role!

Jun 16, 2022 marketing by jimmy

Marketing manager is one of the structural positions in a company’s marketing team. He is the leader of all the company’s marketing campaigns and manages all the marketing strategies created.

This very large role makes marketing manager one of the vital positions in a company. Without a reliable marketing manager, a company may find it difficult to market its products properly.

What is a Marketing Manager

To market a product requires a way that is not easy. In addition to having to compete with other products, marketing also demands a product so that people can trust it.

It takes skill to make a product that sells in the market. Well, the marketing team is generally led by a marketing manager.

He may be responsible for several products in the company or only for one product. In general, he acts as a drafter and evaluator.

To carry out the concept creation process, he worked closely with the entire product-related team. Meanwhile, for the evaluation process, he usually only deals with the marketing team.

In some companies, the marketing manager only acts as an evaluator. In addition, he also reports to the CMO or CEO regarding the strategies that have been carried out by the marketing team to market a product.

Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

A very large role requires a marketing manager to have skills that are quite complex.

He must not only know sales and user data but also understand marketing strategies. Therefore, apart from these two things, a manager needs to carry out several responsibilities and job descriptions.

1. Lead the initiation of product promotion

The main thing that the figures in this position do is initiate product promotions. So, to start product initiation requires sales and user data.

This data will determine which projects require re-initiation to increase sales.

2. Coordinate marketing strategy

Strategy is needed to ensure that the marketing process is successful. Here the role of a marketing manager becomes important because, through his intuition, he will know what strategy the company should take to market its products.

3. Set a budget for each campaign/advertisement

Each campaign carried out by the marketing team has a different goal. Well, this is where the marketing manager’s job is to make sure every campaign that has a big goal actually has a smaller budget than a campaign with a small goal.

4. Monitor company growth

Every marketing process carried out by the company will definitely be evaluated. Therefore, one of the evaluations is about the company’s growth, starting from the level of user confidence in the products being sold to how far users are willing to continue using the product.

5. Trying out a new marketing process

To increase the possibility of attracting potential users. This selection process is the job of the marketing manager. Then, he has to look for new things, from strategies to marketing channels, and select the possibilities that will happen.