Promising Food Business Example

Promising Food Business Example

  • Catering business

The catering business is in demand if you are in a super busy location. Suppose you are in an employee complex, office space, campus boarding house, terminal, or port. Because usually at these locations they are busy and don’t have time to cook. Now, this is certainly a very good opportunity for catering business people.

Promising Food Business Example. Variations that can be made?
• Catering for a company or household employees
• For students or employees
• Catering for diet programs
• Catering for wedding receptions

Crispy Fried Chicken

Promising Food Business Example. The crispy chicken business can be said to be a promising business. Because currently there are many fans of crispy chicken. Not only in the city, but even in the village, the fan of crispy chicken is very high.

Small Capital Fried Business Ideas That Are Liked by the Community
Here are the types of fried foods that you can make a business for
• Regular fried bananas, fried sweet potatoes, etc.
• Fried tofu, Bakwan, Getuk, etc.
• Cheese Fried Banana, Chocolate Fried Banana, etc.
• Packaged fried peanuts, peanuts tel
Estimated Income
From the illustration above, we can conclude that the fried business is a small capital food business. However, if executed properly, it turns out to be able to provide sizable benefits.

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Culinary Innovation with Spicy Level

There is another type of business that is currently the goal of culinary enthusiasts in Indonesia, namely very spicy dishes according to their level.
Food like this has its own target market. Usually, people who like challenges become loyal customers.
For example, you sell a variety of ready-to-eat foods with a certain spicy level. You can make spicy levels like:
• Slightly spicy
• Slightly spicy
• Fairly spicy
• Very spicy
• Unbelievably spicy
• God-Level Spicy

Grilled Sausage

It’s definitely delicious, right? Yes, we often find grilled sausage snacks nowadays. This is a very promising business opportunity.
The capital to run a grilled sausage business is not too big. You can start a grilled sausage business by just using a cart first.

Typical Food Business Abroad

It turns out that there are many success stories of culinary business people who make specialties abroad. They succeeded in being successful because they were able to provide their own charm.
Many types of culinary abroad can be used as a business. What is most important is that the quality of the food must be properly maintained.
• Tiyosaki => Japanese origin
• Bakpau => Typical of China
• Bread of foreign style
• Tiau cake
• And many more

Cultivated Food Business Ideas

The processed cultivated food business also has great potential. Moreover, these processed products are loved by the community. You can just create this culinary business with processed ingredients from cultivated products such as catfish, tilapia, shrimp, etc.

Simple food stalls with various variations

Usually, food stalls are in demand when located in office locations, campuses, employee complexes. Why? Because it is clear that the location is very super busy. They rarely had time to cook.
Capital required?
Opening a simple food stall requires less capital when compared to opening a restaurant.
Here are some examples of simple food stall businesses:
• Warteg
• Lontong breakfast shop
• Cakeshop more