The Best Weapons for Self-Defense

The Best Weapons for Self-Defense

Apr 23, 2022 General by jimmy

When maintaining your safety, one might consider purchasing a self-defense weapon. If you’re considering this, there are many reliable gun shops reviews to browse through to ensure you pick the right weapon. For example, one can look at camofire online reviews. When looking at Camofire’s reviews, one can consider the cost, the quality of their products, and what previous customers thought regarding their services. Additionally, this article hopes to provide some insight into women’s safety, the best weapons to use, and the different self-defense classes one can take.  

Top 4 self-defense items to have in your purse 

If you are interested in purchasing a weapon for your safety, here are the top four most popular self-defense weapons. Firstly is a tactile knife. These are often a better option than a gun, and they are also muti-purposeful. Additionally, one should aim to purchase a light blade, especially if you are carrying it in your purse. Secondly is stun or taser gun. These are the perfect defense weapon if your attacker is up close. Moreover, consider purchasing one with a flashlight to blind the attacker. Thirdly is an alarm keychain. While this is not a weapon, it does have an effect if you want o get the attention of a police officer or make yourself more known to the public as an alarm keychain sends out a loud sound. Lastly is a lipstick stun gun. Much like a taser, it works the same. However, one can conceal it a lot more effective as it blends into the contents of one’s bag.  

Pros and Cons of using a stun gun  

A stun gun may be one of the most favored weapons. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing one, here are the pros and cons. Firstly the pros are that it is very effective in disabling an attacker. Moreover, it has a rather potent power level and can take down even larger aggressors. However, the cons of using one are that they are often very bulky and heavy to carry around daily due to the power it holds.   

Different types of self-defense classes  

While one can purchase a weapon for self-defense, there is also the option of learning self-defense. Judo is said to be the best self-defense class. It focuses on grappling and incorporates mental, moral, and physical philosophies into its teachings. Furthermore is, Taekwando classes. Taekwondo focuses on striking with one’s legs and feet. In Addition, Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu also focuses on ground fighting and submission holds. Lastly is Boxing. Boxing is a combat sport that primarily focuses on punching. Although boxing is considered a sport, it can teach you proper techniques when needing to defend yourself.  

Safety tips for women  

There are a few safety tips to keep in mind when going out. Firstly, do not be afraid to make eye contact. One may feel shy or intimidated to make eye contact in certain situations. However, when one makes direct eye contact with a potential attacker, it might scare them as you will then be able to identify them. Furthermore, if you find yourself in an elevator, place yourself close to the doors. If someone walks on and you feel uneasy about them, you can immediately walkout. Finally, women naturally tend to have a nurturing side, which predators often use to lure unsuspecting women into dangerous situations; therefore, if someone needs help, phone the authorities to assist them.  

There are many ways to keep one safe, namely purchasing a weapon or taking self-defense classes. However, it is wise to keep your wits about you and trust your gut.