The stages in the business process

The stages in the business process

The stages in the business process

Aug 24, 2022 businesses by jimmy
The stages in the business process

A business process is a set of interrelated procedures that seek to carry out business tasks efficiently and effectively.

Business activities require several stages that must exist. So that all operational activities can run well and according to the existing plan. In accordance with the purpose of a business.

What are the stages in it? Here’s more:

Business Activity Analysis

This stage is the initial process that plays a role in determining the objectives of a business plan.

Analysis of business activities includes production, distribution, and marketing activities. So, Must consider and define this process jointly by several stakeholders and implement it in the draft business plan.


The discussion process in meetings with various stakeholders resulted in a decision. Management who will run in a business must determine the decision

Parameters in decision-making usually consist of annual operating costs, product yields, and projected profits. To know more about computers you can visit this site webimag


After the determination process occurs, then proceed with implementation activities in accordance with the planned decisions.

In addition to a series of business activities, related matters include quality control as well as the implementing and responsible parties in it.

Must convey roles and tasks in detail and each division must understand them. So that at the time of implementation it can perform as optimally as possible and obtain results in accordance with the plan.

Some of its developments can be facilitated by the existence of integrated monitoring and controller technology by each division.


The last stage and should not leave behind is the evaluation stage. The existence of an evaluation can be the basis for assessing a business strategy plan and the performance of the components in it, both employees and machine instruments in it.

Has the plan been implemented in accordance with the objectives made? Have all components contributed maximally in achieving business goals?

Periodic evaluation can help managers to make quick and appropriate decisions in accordance with business developments and market demands that continue to change from time to time.

Dynamic strategy changes can increase branding and profit from a business activity.